In the emerging market of alternative medicine, EVO-ONE intends to lead the industry! Our phenomenal product line draws upon years of illuminating research and development in the field of microdosing psychotropics. We stand apart by setting the stage for an intentional approach to microdosing through mindfulness and community integration. For too long the profit-driven pharmaceutical companies have benefited from a public dependency on their chemical concoctions to address an array of disorders revolving around anxiety, depression, and trauma. We strongly believe in a far more natural and demonstrably effective approach to treating these issues.

Please explore our product/s and consider our all-natural approach to mental health!


“Microdosing involves consuming sub-perceptual doses of psychedelics – most commonly LSD and psilocybin – in a fixed protocol, like two times per week. Unlike “macro-dosing,” microdosing is intended to integrate your psychedelic consumption into your daily routine to boost creativity, improve energy, increase mental focus, and enjoy better interpersonal relations.”

– Paul Austin
Microdosing Psychedelics: A Practical Guide to Upgrade Your Life

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