Microdosing Guide

Here at EVO-ONE we believe change happens with dedication and intent. This begins with the realization that you want to grow and evolve into the best version of yourself. That requires you to be completely honest with yourself and to have an understanding of what you wish to accomplish. You need to know where you have been, most importantly where you are at, and where you want to go. Success starts with a master plan.

Master Plan


Evaluating what your goals are for your evolution with yourself and in all aspects of your life is key to our program. You must define your daily and long term goals, laying out realistic steps to accomplish them. We suggest making a list of ten things you wish to accomplish and complete one at a time. Following our master plan with dedication to yourself and your goals will allow you to accomplish anything you put your mind to. For the most success this requires you to discipline all aspects of your life including diet, exercise, and mindset.

Focus and Intent

The way you start and the way you finish your day is key to your success. Starting every morning and ending every night with mindful intention towards your evolution is of the most importance. Creating a daily routine that allows you to take time to sit with your thoughts and direct your intention towards your success is necessary. We highly suggest at EVO-ONE to maximize your evolution and microdosing experience by focusing on one of your ten goals at a time and allowing our product to be the catalyst to your success.


We recommend one pill in the morning for three consecutive days with a two day break in between. Some suggest five days on with two days off and other regiments, although we have found through R&D with our product that this can be a little much for most people. In our experience. We found that three days of active evolution is enough. Check our product page for more info about dosage and our philosophy behind it.


We can’t stress enough how important breathing is. Always take a moment to check in with your breath when you think of it. You may notice you’re holding your breath when you’re stressed or breathing rapidly when you’re excited etc. Taking a “cleansing breath” with a deep inhale and audible exhale or “sigh” can be all you need to alleviate some stress and recenter your mind. Check our resources page for more breathing exercises and mindfulness activities.

Daily Guide


At EVO-ONE we believe you only have one chance to set the first impression of the day. You only have that one chance for yourself, your family, your partner, your friends, your
employer and coworkers. So make the most of it!

  • Start with exercise, stretching and meditation to get blood flowing and calm the mind
  • Visualize your day and what you plan to accomplish
  • Utilize positive affirmations to uplift your mood
  • Go over your to do list
  • Eat something healthy, it doesn’t need to be a whole meal
  • Take time for self and home care such as:
  • Bathing & personal hygiene
  • Make your bed & clean your space
  • Tend your garden, or house plants etc.

Mid Day

  • Recenter and revisit your goals and affirmations if needed
  • Evaluate progress thus far
  • Redirect if off course and visualize the completion of your day
  • Take a break for yourself
  • If there is time take a moment for meditation or a quick exercise
  • Give someone a helping hand if it presents itself


  • Take a cleansing breath
  • Evaluate the day, what worked, what didn’t and what can change
  • Revisit the to do list and hold yourself accountable to your success
  • Take a few minutes to stretch and meditate
  • Evaluate your goals to help set your intention for tomorrow
  • Visualize success for the following day
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